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It’s been a little less than a year since GrabCAD Print launched in November of 2016. With our monthly update schedule, we’ve now made 10 rounds of enhancements to the software to improve your 3D printing experience. All these improvements were based on feedback from our customers.

GrabCAD Print has received one update a month since its initial release in November of 2016.

In addition to resolving 527 customer issues during that time, we’ve made the following requested improvements to GrabCAD Print as well:

Supporting All FDM Printers, Stratasys J750, and the Objet1000 Plus

Over the past year, we added support for the Stratasys F123 line of printers, the full Dimension and Fortus lines, the Stratasys J750, and the Objet1000 Plus. See the full list of supported printers here.

To ensure you can take full advantage of your FDM printers, we added support for Ultem and Nylon materials, integrated Insight with GrabCAD Print for advanced features when working with your Fortus and F370 printers, and added support for multiple CMBs.

Workflow Improvements for Printing and the Model Shop Environment

We introduced Reports to help users get more insight into how they use their machines. With Reports, you have one place to view and export print history, materials usage, and printer utilization of all the printers in your company so you can better track printer and materials usage.

We introduced the SOLIDWORKS add-in to save users time by allowing you to print right from your CAD system. Read more about the SOLIDWORKS Add-In.

For our customers in offline environments, we also introduced the highly-requested option of Offline Mode so now you can run GrabCAD Print fully offline or without an Internet connection.

We introduced operating hours to allow operators to specify the work hours of their model shop. Once your company admin enables them, your Schedule View will automatically adjust the printer queue display to reflect that print jobs can only be started during working hours, giving you a more accurate schedule forecast and control of the printing workflow.

With the Workbench integration in the latest release of GrabCAD Print, users can take advantage of Workbench’s file management to streamline their requests to their model shop. The collaboration tools in Workbench make it easy for operators and engineers to communicate on designs before printing.

And Many More Feature Enhancements

Feature enhancements include the ability to change units between Standard and SI, improved printer and tray naming so your team can see what job is queued on what printer, improvements to tray packing with center-out arrange and optimized arrange, and much more.

The full list of improvements and enhancements featured in the GrabCAD Print 1.10 update, as well as a rundown of all the previous updates, can be viewed here.

As you can see, it’s already been a busy year for GrabCAD Print, and we know that software is never truly finished, which is why we will never stop improving, updating, and enhancing our software – and we hope you never stop providing us with the valuable customer feedback that helps us do so!

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