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One of the best things about GrabCAD is our library of over 2 million free CAD models available for download. That’s why, every week, we try and spotlight some of our favorites that were recently added.

Here’s what we liked this week:

Mechanical CNC Kit

This is a great render of a mechanical CNC kit that GrabCAD Community member Georgio Mosqueda found on OpenBuilds. Modeled using Fusion 360.

Man in Suit

Maybe GrabCAD member Tiago MecG is a big Quentin Tarantino fan, because this render of a guy in a black suit looks like it came straight out of “Reservoir Dogs.” Modeled in SOLIDWORKS.

Swivel Caster

This model of a swivel caster – usually a wheeled piece of furniture attached to a cabinet or chair – can come in handy for anybody designing a piece of furniture. It’s one less thing you would need to design.

3 Jaw Chuck 50 mm

Another great example of the wide variety of models found on GrabCAD. This self-centering 3-jaw chuck 50 mm is used by watchmakers to make intricate timepieces.

Four Wheel Drive Buggy

We just love the design of this buggy by GrabCAD Community member Ad Moerenhout. Every wheel has its own engine and is separately controlled, so you can drive forwards, backwards, to the left, to the right, diagonal – or in any direction you want.

Gear Design

Check out the intricacies of this gear design by GrabCAD Community member trinityscsp. Modeled with SOLIDWORKS 2016 and rendered with Simlab Composer 8 Mechanical Edition.

Zr.Ms. Hornpike S815

Modeled after a recent Dutch submarine, this very silent diesel electric boat is designed to operate in shallow waters.

F4 CADathon: Team 62 Orbit Torque

This torque robot designed by GrabCAD Community member Brian Machado is used to lift heavy objects. Modeled in SOLIDWORKS.

Robotic Arm

This robotic arm was modeled using SOLIDWORKS 2016 and has four degrees of freedom.

Military Combat Mech

We don’t know if anybody will actually be using this concept of a robotic solider on the battlefield in the future, but it’s still a very creative design. Modeled in SOLIDWORKS.

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