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Trinityscp is one of the highest rated engineers on the GrabCAD Community and some of his models are truly amazing. We asked him some questions recently about his workflows, tools, and why he spends so much time on the GrabCAD Community:

I am a Mechanical Engineer, with a PhD in Machining Processes, from the University of São Paulo, in São Carlos, Brazil. I started a company with some friends from school in 1995, first working with Industrial Automation, but now we work with Residential Automation only.

I was also a teacher from 1999 to 2004, when I started working with 3D, just for educational purposes, and later as a hobby. A few years ago I started using it for work too, so we acquired a SOLIDWORKS license. Now all of our products are developed using SOLIDWORKS. I started using GrabCAD to download models to use in my projects and also to study, as I never took any classes that taught me how to do any of this stuff.

If you could add one thing to your personal CAD workstation what would it be?

I think a professional video card would be great. I have a Quadro K620, nice card, but limited.

What is your favorite model on the GrabCAD Community?

I think it’s the Raspberry Pi model I made for a project I was working on, and published it just for fun. It was incomplete. I didn’t expect to have such success. It is my most downloaded model and I got a Golden Gear for it.

What’s your favorite software to use and why?

SOLIDWORKS. I started using it after they made a presentation at the school where I worked. I had tried to learn others before and failed. With SOLIDWORKS I was able to learn alone, just reading books and later watching tutorials. I am not an expert, I only learned what I needed. SOLIDWORKS has a huge community of users, including GrabCAD, so it’s always easy to find information about any issues. But all my animations and renderings are made with SimLab Composer, my second favorite.

Where do you get your inspiration for your models?

Everywhere. My main sources are YouTube and Pinterest, especially when it comes to toys. When the subject is mechanisms, the Cornell University Library is a reference and Project Gutenberg is also great.

What is your favorite badge and why?

The Golden Gear, no doubt. Because it was the most difficult to achieve, and a great honor to me. It was also a surprise, as I was making mostly toys, and didn’t expect to win anything.

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