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Our weekly dive into the GrabCAD Community Library of more than 2 million free CAD models in search of our latest favorites:

Ducati 900SS Café Racer

This tribute to a Walt Siegl style Ducati came from SOLIDWORKS 3D files and was rendered in Visualize 2017. Many of the parts used in the design were found on the GrabCAD Community Library.

Corvette ZO6 C7

This model of a Corvette by GrabCAD Community member Valentino Les was modeled in SOLIDWORKS and already has more than 550 downloads.

Geared Fidget Spinner

Fidget spinners are pretty popular right now, and this model of one is pretty inventive.

Ferrius Motorsport F17R

A Formula 1 standard chassis (dimensions took from FIA regulation) with 2017 F1 tires and rims. Modeled in SOLIDWORKS.

Intricate Wood Carving 

We just loved the intricacies of the craft that went into this model.

Clutch Assembly

Modeled in Creo 2.0.

Harry Potter’s Snitch

Who doesn’t like a good game of Quidditch?

LEGO Technic Container Truck

Who doesn’t like a good LEGO truck model either?

Panasonic TM2000 Robot

Panasonic robots are used for welding and industrial handling. This is just a really great model of one.

Plastics Shredder 

Modeled in SOLIDWORKS, these types of shredders are designed to shred plastics to make recycling easier.

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