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I was helping troubleshoot an Agile 9.3.3 environment when I ran into an issue attaching a file.  The error was: ORA-29861: domain index is marked LOADING/FAILED/UNUSABLE. 

Oracle Index Error

I must say that while I was a bit surprised to see the error, it didn’t send me into panic mode.  I figured I would just open SQL Developer, go to the indexes and rebuild the indexes associated with FILES or FOLDERS since those were the object types I was working with in Agile.  The first index was FILES_CONTENT_IDX which I tried to rebuild that produced the following error:

file content idx rebuild error

The last line in the error dialog was a dead giveaway.  If you head to http://support.oracle.com (or google) and search on DRG-11446 you get the root cause almost immediately.  The examples cd was never installed!  The Oracle note is “Drg-11446: Supplied Knowledge Base File Not Installed (Doc ID 1268560.1).”  Here is what I did next:

  1. Shut down Agile PLM
  2. Shut down the listener and Oracle
  3. Installed/updated any missing Linux dependencies for the examples cd
  4. Ran the examples cd installer
  5. Started Oracle
  6. Started the Listener
  7. Cleared out the nohup.out
  8. Started Agile PLM
  9. Went into SQL Developer and rebuilt the FILE_CONTENT_IDX index
  10. Tailed nohup.out
  11. Logged into Agile and attached a file!

All appears to be working now though I will still go ahead and reorganize the database (export, recreate agile, import).  I have run into this before, usually with experienced DBAs that perform the database portion of the Agile stack installation.  Because the product is labeled as a companion or example product its value is usually dismissed; don’t make the same mistake.


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