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SmarTeam  users need to be aware that starting in R27 the licenses they have may not work.

When upgrading ENOVIA SmarTeam to V5-6R2017, customers have to request to Dassault Systèmes the complete replacement of their ENOVIA SmarTeam license keys.

Indeed, starting from V5-6R2017, ENOVIA SmarTeam is switched from Rank to Date licensing model.

This change allows ENOVIA SmarTeam to be fully aligned with all the other V5 product lines in term of licensing model.

The following table shows the compatibility between releases and license keys :

ENOVIA SmarTeam prior to V5-6R2017 ENOVIA SmarTeam V5-6R2017
License Keys prior to V5-6R2017
(Rank based)
Supported Not supported
V5-6R2017 License Keys
(Date based)
Supported Supported

Please refer to the “DSLS License key max release date” section in the Licensing page for detailed information.


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