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They came from all over the world and descended upon Atlanta, USA for the annual DriveWorks World Conference. Newer users came for training, others came to earn their DriveWorks Certified Professional (DWCP) certification, and still others came to pick a multitude of brains for the best practices available anywhere.

Basic and advanced technical tracks provided relevant content for all in attendance from basic training to advanced form to implementation structure to the ins and outs of the new and improved 3DPreview. Well, improved is such an understatement. This was evident when both tracks were brought together for the preview of DriveWorks 15.

DriveWorks 15 3D Preview

With DriveWorks 15, a new legend has arisen, and that is the man just known as “3D Mike.” Just as with DriveWorks 6 taking the calculations away from using Microsoft Excel, DriveWorks has almost written their own geometry engine. This gives them ultimate control over every light ray resulting in phenomenal rendering, lighting and control over mapping textures. Several types of lights can be added, even dynamically, and parts can be built to emit light. This really has to be seen to be believed.

Pick and Place 2D and 3D objects in a DriveWorks Form

And along with the 3D Preview, DriveWorks 15 brings an unprecedented interaction with user interfaces. For the implementation architect, DriveWorks will tell you not only what macro button has been clicked, but also precisely where it was clicked. Extend this to 3D Preview and DriveWorks provides you which 3D part was clicked and where on the part it was clicked. This means that you can pick and place 2D and 3D objects right within a DriveWorks form. Just think of it as drag-and-drop, but you don’t have to hold that button down.

And there’s even more to support that. 3D Preview now allows for the generative insertion of 3D models in the web browser. Parts can be scaled, moved and rotated, all in each direction individually to allow for full 3D layout capabilities right inside of your DriveWorks form.

DriveWorks Profiler

But why stop there? The new DriveWorks Profiler allows you to see every single granular step that DriveWorks is performing during a specification test mode. Along with a runtime stamp, this allows you to troubleshoot and performance tune your implementations. And once it’s finished, the new Copy Group and Pack and Go features allow you to easily move implementations from one environment to another and support switching individual groups to shared groups and the other way around, as well.

There are eight full pages of Release Note goodness for DriveWorks 15, so I recommend that you read them all to see the goodies that I haven’t even touched on. Release Notes are available in the DriveWorks Community.

DriveWorks 15 SP0 is available for download starting April 4, 2017.

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