Unable to add approvers to a change


I am facing issue while trying to add a reviewer to release status of workflow. 

Following is bit of background of the issue: 

1. I have a Deviation which is in expired status. It was moved to expired even though it had “User X” as “Awaiting approval” via SDK code. 

2. I have pulled back change from “Expired” ( Type-Complete) to “CM Confirmation” (Type Release) using SDK Code. 

3. As it didn’t have any assigned approvers. I tried to add User X back as approver however i received the following error : 
“User X  is already in Approvers list. “

4. I then went to previous entry of “CM Confirmation” where user was listed as awaiting approver and tried to remove it. 
This time i am seeing following message : 
“Cannot remove approvers/acknowledgers/observers that have already signed off.”

Additionally on similar scenario i tried update from back-end table as well but that didn’t work. 

Any hint/help on how can i resolve the issue. 


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Arif Agile Angel Asked on September 12, 2017 in Product Collaboration.
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The issue is resolved now. Just for everyone’s benefit, these are steps i followed :-

1. Moved change back to Expired status. 
2. Change the smart rule “Demotion Reviewers Removal”  –> Retain
3. Change the smart rule “Demotion Signoff  Removal”  –> Retain
4. Manually moved back change from Expired to CM Confirmation. It gives you the pop-up with the listed approvers. Click okay to retain them. 
5. A mail is triggered thereafter to listed approvers.

Arif Agile Angel Answered on September 13, 2017.
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