Switching Objects within a Script

Are we able to switch an called-upon object in a script?

For example, this script works to send a notification email User2 after doing a Save As on User1.  The script sends a notification to User2 but works off of the original object, User1.

Is there any good way to switch this so that the script not only sends a notification to User2 but works off of User2 for the object?  That way I can use things like [General.Info First Name] for User2 email instead of User1.

import com.agile.agileDSL.ScriptObj.*;
import com.agile.agileDSL.ScriptObj.AgileDSLException;
import com.agile.agileDSL.ScriptObj.IBaseObjectScriptObj;
import com.agile.api.*

void invokeScript(IBaseScriptObj obj) {
String newNumber = obj.getNewNumber()
IAgileSession session = obj.getAgileSDKSession();
IUser newuser3 = (IUser) session.getObject(UserConstants.CLASS_USER, newNumber);

sendToList = [newNumber];

obj.sendNotification(“New User Account Created”, false, sendToList, “Comments: send from Script handler”);
//I already tried newNumber. and newuser3. in place of obj. in the above line, just so you know. 

obj.logMonitor( “New User Account Created info sent to: ” + sendToList);

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Matt Paulhus Agile Angel Asked on June 21, 2017 in Other APIs.
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To answer my own question, for anyone else in the future, you just have to call upon a new object.  So, something like this:

String finalstring = arraylist1.join(“, “);

List notifyList = new ArrayList();

for (names in arraylist1 ) {



IUser admin = (IUser)m_session.getObject(IUser.OBJECT_TYPE, “administrator”);

m_session.sendNotification(admin, “Notice of Inactivity – Account Termination”, notifyList, false, “Agile has just notified these individuals of account inactivity:” + finalstring);

This is now switching objects and sending notification to the users in arraylist1.     

Matt Paulhus Agile Angel Answered on July 5, 2017.
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