Steps for Imorting part,manufacture ,BOM,Mfr part from various file option

I am trying to import all set of data from Import tool but after Mfr and Mfr part I m unable to do with already existing item and multilevel BOM…How to import data for multilevel BOM,readline BOM etc etc

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Honey Agile User Asked on May 14, 2018 in Product Collaboration.
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Hi Honey, 
I’m not sure if I understood your question but Mfr and Mfr Parts should be loaded to an item, not in a BOM. What I mean is doesn’t matter if an item belongs to a BOM or not, when importing Mfr and Mfr Parts only the item matters.

My best

Carlos L Benassi Agile Angel Answered on May 14, 2018.
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You can import BOM and AML data at the same time by using the “Level Template” option after you select your source file in the import wizard.  The Import/Export User Guide lists required columns that your source file must contain in order for this to work and they do need to be exact.  You also need to make sure that all of the Manufacturer Objects already exist in the system (this can also be done through a separate import).

Note – If you are trying to add AML data to existing RELEASED Items – you will need to create an ECO or MCO first and specify the change number as part of the import.  If the existing items aren’t yet released – you shouldn’t need a change to import the AMLs.

Take a look at the “Using Templates to Import Data” section in Chapter 2 of the Import/Export User Guide.  It is pretty straight forward, but if you have any questions – just let us know.

dannypitt Agile Angel Answered on May 17, 2018.
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