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Hello All,

Anyone know about “Automation file uploading process or kit” how to create that and how its working on there. i was read the “Agile Import and Export” Case study but i don’t get the idea. that is like a theory, but i need some examples.

Anyone interested please advice.

Advance thanks  to all members and angels.


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Just a quick query to understand this problem. So are you trying to import items or attachments. If you can describe the problem.

Arif Agile Angel Answered 5 days ago.

Hi Arif,

Its attachments. To uploaded in ECO more the 50 Items.

Thanks for your interest.

5 days ago.
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Okay in that case you can do the following:

1. Have all your attachment dumped into a folder.
2. Prepare the index file as follow:
3. Save this index file with any name e.g. Change_Upload_Index.txt
4. Open File Load Utility, you can open from either Java/Web-client but preferred is Java-client.
5. Typical screenshot of the same is below: 
You can follow along that
6. Click OK and file upload should complete

Some Key
1. Index File Creation : CHANGE ( Primary Key word), ECOXXXX(Your change number), , (Secondary key word should be kept as blank), File-Path(Path of the file on your machine) ,”Description”(You can keep it as blank)
2. Ensure that file path has “/” instead of “\” this is one of the common mistakes once does.

After Every upload that you do three files are generated:

XXX_Summary,XXX_Log, XXX_BAD,XXX_LOADED ( Here XXX is nothing but your index file name) . So you can refer to the _BAD files or _LOG files to see and verify for errors.


Arif Agile Angel Answered 5 days ago.

Hi Arif,

Thanks for advice,

can you please provide any example index file (.txt).


4 days ago.
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