PX Insufficient Privilege Error

I installed a PX through the event manager.  The PX ran manually in the development environment.  When the event was trigger by a change to the manufacturer table (as plan) the event failed and the error was insufficient privilege.  I added additional roles and also tried different modes (sync, async) with no success.  We are not able to determine what action is causing the error or if it happening on sign-in.   Anyone have a suggestion on the cause or how to trouble shoot this problem?

Thx Pete

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stortip Agile User Asked on December 5, 2018 in Other APIs.
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Leaving the roles field blank will run the PX with the user’s privileges. The only reason to give a PX privileges is if a user who triggers it might not have sufficient privileges. I suppose another reason would be to apply filtering based on a restricted role. If you give the PX privileges then I always include My User Profile in case the px does anything that requires profile look up like a file operation–preferred IFS. You can give the PX more privileges than necessary so I usually have a PX role with god/dess prvileges. It will only do what the code does.

Steve Jones, the PLM Doctor Agile Angel Answered on December 5, 2018.

Thx Steve!  By removing all of the roles the error was corrected.  The question is now why removing the same roles that I have as a user corrected the problem?  If I want the PX to do what the user can’t do what is the answer?  I’m moving forward again so thanks for the help.  Pete

on December 5, 2018.
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Please check the role which you have added in the event. It should have all the privileges which you are performing all actions through ask code.

venkateshthangala Agile User Answered on December 22, 2018.
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