PPM – Transfer Authority vs. Delegate and Substitute

We use Transfer Authority quite frequently in our Product Collaboration world.

As we begin rolling out some PPM, we were looking at options to provide similar functionality  that TA provides via PPM ‘substitute’ or PPM ‘delegate’.

However, it feels that TA may be another option in the PPM world.  At the moment, it is not clear if TA is supported for PPM objects.

We are a 9.3.3, 9.3.4 shop.  Your thoughts around these options and potential challenges would be greatly appreciated.


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Transfer Authority is only for approvals. It is not going to work for PPM task ownership.

Steve Jones, the PLM Doctor Agile Angel Answered on July 3, 2017.
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that’s what I feared, thanks Steve.

bpruzan Agile Angel Answered on July 11, 2017.
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