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i wasn’t sure where to post this.  I’m wondering if anyone is aware of any job opportunities in the Boston / New Hampshire area. 

I have 15 years experience, as a Senior Change Analyst and Product Data Control Manager supporting a team of Analysts in MA, CA and Bangalore India.

I spent one year in an Agile Admin role and have some basic knowledge there with workflows, user roles, etc…

I developed the concept for a Global BOM Extraction tool working with IT that helped to streamline the BOM import process, providing one template building integrity into all imports.

Developed the concept for utilizing a Change request for users to submit electronic Requests for ECOs, Deviations, MCOs, Purges, Stop Ships, and FCOs (Field Change Orders).

Developed a Web bases Change report tool that was utilized for CCB meetings, the report identified a change types in CCB, identifying all Pending approvals, rejections with the reason for the rejection, number of days in CCB, and the Change number that was a hyperlink that when clicked would take you into the web client.

A power user with both Java and the web client.

Responsible for training all Contract Manufacturers on the Change Management Process and facilitating end user trading as required.

Thank you

kyle Harris

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Kyle Harris Agile User Asked on December 16, 2017 in Others.
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Indeed and LinkedIn is your best avenue on this topic.  The job section here is now functional and will slowly fill out.  Best of luck.

Patrick Lawrence Agile Angel Answered on April 10, 2018.
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