Is there any way to Check-Out files added to a Project/Activity’s Content Tab?

I have a business requirement for users to be able to Check-In/Check-Out PPM Project files.  

As far as I know – Check-in/Check-out options are only available on an object’s  Attachments Tab.  The PPM guide specifically states, however, that it is best practice to disable Attachments for Activities and Gates (which we have done) and that the Content Tab should be used instead for all project content, including attachments.  

Is there any way to get check-in/check-out functionality for files added as Content?

Is anyone aware of the specific reasoning (other than to avoid confusion) as to why attachments shouldn’t be enabled for PPM objects?


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I didn’t ear about the fact that it is a best practice to disable attachment tab. We are using it since years without problems. Which issue do you know about that?
I don’t think that it is possible to checkout the selected row (for example) of the content tab via a custom script. But try to understand why don’t use the attachments as they are

Antonio Agile Angel Answered on May 24, 2016.

Thanks, Antonio – good to know that you haven’t come across any issues using both Content and Attachments.  That is what I was really trying to find out.

The PPM user guide states:
“IMPORTANT: As a best practice, it is recommended that the attachments tab in Agile PPM activities and gates be disabled. Agile PPM provides a unique tab, the Content Tab that should be used for all project content, including attachments, for projects.”

I have always turned attachments off for this reason and assumed that it was most likely to avoid confusion (users not knowing where to attach or look for project files between the two tabs).  Without attachments, however – we are left with a gap of not being able to check-in/check-out the files for modification control.  
I was just trying to make sure there aren’t other issues with using both.  It sounds like it works fine for you, so this was helpful!  Thanks!

on May 25, 2016.

Thanks for feedback! We are using them since 3 years in 9.3.2 without any issue .
Try to open a SR on OTN to know why they mentioned that in order to understand if it could affect your business but use the content tab cannot be a solution… upload, checkout, redlining and other attachment feautures as you said are lost doing that…

on June 3, 2016.
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