IS there any way for a task to be controlled based on the Project owner and not task owner

Can a task be controlled based on Project owner and not Task owner.
Thanks in Advance

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HB Agile User Asked on September 21, 2018 in Product Portfolio Management.
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Hi HB,
unfortunately I didn’t understand your question, so I’d like to ask you some things to clarify your point and add some thoughts of mine.
– Why do you need a Project Owner and a different Task Owner? Regarding project planning I’d suggest you to have only one owner for the entire project, or if your project are phase/gate like, you could have a owner by phase, not by task.
– Are you allocating task resources properly? What I mean is:are you allocating effort percentages to people/resources in the tasks? This is the best way to manage a project regarding schedule, resource effort and cost.
– How are you dealing with Project Progress? Is the project owner who is in charge of add % complete or is the task resource that does it by itself?
If your requirement is still in place, probably you’ll have to write some kind of validating extension. You’ll need to elaborate a functional specification and write a code to support this business needs.
My best

Carlos L Benassi Agile Angel Answered on September 24, 2018.
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