Is it possible to create a row in a list of value with core webservices?

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I´m looking for a method to update an existing List of Value with new ones using core webservices. Is it possible?

Now a days we built an Java Application to get values in an EBS instance and update it in an Agile instance. Now there is a request to transform this Java App into pure webservice implementation.

I tried to use businessObject?wsdl service with the following operations: createObject and updateObject. Unfortunaltely I´m not able to send the correct request.


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Carlos L Benassi Agile Angel Asked on December 6, 2017 in Webservices.
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Although I don’t have any experience with WSXs, I know that to update a list of values requires the IAdmin and IAdminList set of methods.  See the Agile API guide section called “Adding a Value to a List” (in 9.3.3. guide it’s in chapter 13-19).  I suppose you would do something like that – either having your web service continually update the same list or have it create new ones.  Hope that helps.

Matt Paulhus Agile Angel Answered on December 6, 2017.
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