Installation issues OPLA 3.6

Hi all,
I am first time installing OPLA on top of Agile PLM , I have installed Oracle data integrator now I am installing set up for Data Mart Components for OPLA. while installing both database and ETS components for OPLA, I am getting following issues listed below:

1) Its creates new database instance PLMDM and but however while installing database it won’t able to start PLMDM database service because logon password for oracle user is wrong (I don’t know how it taking wrong password)

may be because of that i am getting Listener error

also in above snip it shows there is error not able to login with sys user 

2)what should be value for 
System user Password:
sys user password:

3) when we need to run rcu utility for PLMDM database??

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In Oracle there is a sys account and a manager account. They are two different types of accounts. The installation is wanting the sys account and password. It is the dba account.
Steve Jones, the PLM Doctor Agile Angel Answered on July 3, 2017.

Hi Steve,

Firstly many thanks for quick response.

Still I am confused. 

SYSTEM user Password :  (Oracle user Password)
Sys User Password : (This will be new user created? I never came across this user. I don’t remember what password i have given while installing Oracledb 12c)

on July 3, 2017.
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