How to store data mappings in Agile PLM?

How to store data mapping in Agile PLM? What I mean is if we want to store some rules or field mappings which will decide the next step or value of field for us. How to achieve that. Like in Oracle EBS we have lookup or Valusets used to store mappings or any other details with multiple columns not like list in Agile PLM.

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Hi Vaibhav,

there is a type of list, called cascade, where you can create validations for possible attribute values. It`s different from Oracle EBS where you have two attributes, the first attribute value validates the possible values in the second, in Agile PLM you have basicaly the same feature, but in one list type attribute, called cascade list.

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Carlos L Benassi Agile Angel Answered on March 6, 2019.

Thanks Carlos.

on March 7, 2019.
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Validations, setting field values, etcetera are custom code (PX). As long as you are going there we use a spreadsheet checked into an Agile document. The PX then reads the spreadsheet.

Steve Jones, the PLM Doctor Agile Angel Answered on March 7, 2019.

Thanks Steve

on March 7, 2019.
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