How to move entire agile system from one country to other

Hello Sir,

I have my whole agile setup installed in India ,now that we wanted to move all the setup to USA and shutdown all services in India,to do this what steps to be performed,note that no setup exists in USA as of now.

It would be eternally great some one could tell the answer.


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Surya Agile Talent Asked on April 10, 2018 in IT and Networking.
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This is a great use case for cloud hosting. See our website. Agile Angel Answered on May 4, 2018.
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Take a DB dump of your environment in India and then decommission the servers. In US, set up your servers in a datacenter, and then after Agile is installed there, import the DB dump to the newly created DB instance in US setup. Also don’t forget to copy the filevault. And other necessary config files/third party jars which you may have used in weblogic domain lib.
I proposed a very straight forward method considering your setup is pretty much simple. However, it will need much deeper analysis & bigger planning if your system is a complex one, like using SSO, load balancer, any kind of reverse proxy, if your system is inside any DMZ, you are using a clustered setup or not, using RACKS or Exalogic for DB hosting etc. etc.

Swagoto Agile Professional Answered on June 1, 2018.
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