How to have server.log in Windows ,while using service to up the Agile

Hi ,

I wanted to redirect the server.log ,by the command
‘start start.cmd >> server.log’ ,the file is getting generated , however the file is not appending the server log actually ,in Linux I was able to get this but not in Windows,am I missing something, please suggest.

Also,We are using Agile PLM service ,to bring up the server up and shutdown,so how to have the server.log in that case ….


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Surya Agile User Asked on June 11, 2018 in Product Collaboration.
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Hello Surya,

Your requirement is not fully clear. Please elaborate a bit more and specifically. What I understand is that you are using Windows service to bring up the Agile servers.

The Windows service basically invokes the startAgile.cmd script in $AGILE_HOME\AgileDomain\bin folder. If you open the cmd file in edit mode, you’ll see an entry like -Dagile.log.dir=”Some Path”. This is the path where the logs are created when server starts up.
In weblogic console, for a particular managed or admin server, go to its logging tab to see the log file which records that particular server’s activities.
Also, if you are using Log4j, then in the AgileDomain\config folder there must be a log.xml. This is defined in registry for the windows service. Open regedit. Search with ctrl+f for any key which is the name of the Windows service like AgilePLMAdmin or AgilePLMManaged1. When you find the key, expand the node, you will see a parameter key. Inside that there is a String called cmdLine, double click on it and copy all the values. Paste it in a text editor. It should contain some lines like this, if not ther, you need to add it.

Swagoto Agile Professional Answered on June 13, 2018.
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Thanks Swagoto for response.

1. I see that ‘stdout.log’ file has generated in   ‘D:\Agile\Agile932\agileDomain\servers\AGILE-APPS-D-AgileServer\logs‘ , but it does not capture all the details, what we can see on the server window.

Because some of the schedule jobs sunning on the system, those jobs setting the values on the items, for those items, I could see in history, admin user changed the value, I want to see those logs, those are not appearing in “stdout.log“,so is there any log that could capture everything that appears in server window.

Or Is there any way that I can set that log, please help.


Surya Agile User Answered on June 14, 2018.
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Hi Surya,

By this statement: “Because some of the schedule jobs sunning on the system, those jobs setting the values on the items” do you mean that there are certain scheduled events configured in your system ? Are they Java PX based or Groovy based. If java based, which logging framework are you using? Are you logging something explicitly in that piece of code which you are expecting to be getting logged. We use Log4j for Java PXs. So in that case, you can find the log file name from config.xml (which I mentioned in my previous comment) by checking the package name to which the Java class belongs. If its Groovy based, then you probablywon’t be able to use log4j and in that case some exception occurred then it should be coming in Agile.log/SOAEvent.log orSTDOUT log depending on the logging mechanism you are using.


Swagoto Agile Professional Answered on June 14, 2018.
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