How to do a advanced search on a bom with Manufacture Part and Attachments

This one has given me the most trouble. I have a request to build a global search where the user can enter a Item number, the search shows all levels of the bom for that Item number. In addition they would like to see the Manufacture’s PN if it has any and the attachment field information, like file description

Any help on a search like this would be very helpful

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There is an out-of-box product report called Manufacturers BOM. It has a few more clicks but you can get what you are looking for from it.

Steve Jones, the PLM Doctor Agile Angel Answered on April 10, 2019.
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Thank you Steve this helps a little but I am looking to go deeper into the collection. So I started a Advanced search to begin at the Manufacture Part and in the connection I made a relation ship to Parts. 

I have screen shots attached.

The main goal is to see my Items numbers that have associated manufacture part numbers and if the folder description for the attachment of the manufacture part is MCD.

Right now with my current search I can get all the manufacture part numbers that have a folder description of MCD. It getting the Item number that is associated with it where it breaks.
As soon as I add the item number from the relationship fields it goes from 2075 records to 0.

Any suggestions would be welcome

jasonsoderberg Agile User Answered on April 11, 2019.
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  We had a similar requirement and we did this by doing a 2 step approach

  1. Use the OOTB report “Manufacturers BOM” to get the complete indented structure and chose only the subclass we wanted in Excel format
  2. Copy the item numbers from the Excel and do an advanced search for “Manufactured Parts” using “Attribute Name/Number/Desc contains any ” of the item numbers (copy paste from Excel). Now, you can add your criteria of Folder description along with this search

This should get what you want. Not elegant, but will still work :)

Hope this helps

– Raj

rchinnia Agile Professional Answered on April 11, 2019.
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Hello Raj,
  This gets me a lot closer,
Thank you for your help.


jasonsoderberg Agile User Answered on April 12, 2019.
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