Delete items and mfg part with pl sql

Dear sir,
I have some item and mfg part need to delete with pl sql.

Example :

delete from ….. where item in (AAAA’,’BBBB’,’CCCC)
delete from …. where mfgpart in (‘XXXXXX’,’YYYYY’,’ZZZZZ’)

Provide plsql statement to me,Please.

Thanks you.

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sommaip Agile User Asked on April 11, 2018 in Product Collaboration.
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Deleting only from item and manu_parts will corrupt the DB, all functionality calling  remaining  orphan rows will fail Unknown Object. Must delete from all related tables ( bom, rev, p2,p3,manu_by, etc…too many too list)

SoCalPLM Agile User Answered on April 16, 2018.
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