Agile Integration Service 9.3.6 is not listing the old webservice


Agile Upgraded from 9.3.3 to 9.3.6

Agile Integration Service 93.6 is not listing the old webservice 
in the weblogic server Deployment  /Agile/integration  is not listing the custom web service.
I have moved all the SDK from 9.3.3  to  9.3.6

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Divakar Agile Talent Asked on June 28, 2017 in Webservices.

Getting Error  

Error 404–Not Found

on June 28, 2017.

Hi Divakar,

In 936, the path got modified. Its /Agile/Extension/<ServiceName>.
But from 934 onwards, the services framework got changed from axis to jax-ws so the code has to be rebuild to suit jax-ws.
Thank you!

on July 10, 2017.
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if i check this integration/ws it is giving 404 error


but for 933 it will list all the Default and custom web services.

Divakar Agile Talent Answered on June 29, 2017.
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Direct 9.3.3 WS code will not work in 9.3.6.

Very high level, there are 2 changes : 

i) You need to use JAX-WS annotations to define a web service 
ii)This reference needs to be added in the META-INF folder. 

Divakar Agile Talent Answered on July 13, 2017.

Hi Divakar,

Does the reference has to be in the same fashion like that of 9.3.3 ??

What changes are needed in the WSDD file of the services folder, please kindly explain..

on February 4, 2018.
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