about add Rule of Relationship automatically

Hi, everyboy

 Can I add Rule of Relationship automatically (by PLM SDK API)?
I try to do following, but I got the error code.

Error code : 60072
Error message : Unsupported operand datatype

My PLM version: 9.3.2


ITable relationship_Table = change.getTable(ChangeConstants.TABLE_RELATIONSHIPS);
Iterator ite = relationship_Table.iterator();
    while (ite.hasNext()) {
        IRow row_relation = (IRow) ite.next();
        row_relation.setValue(new Integer(2000007765), “When PCR-00000105 is \”ABC\”, set BRP-00001080 to \”RDC\””);

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chlin2828 Agile User Asked on March 12, 2018 in Other APIs.
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Actually you need to think through your solution here. So ABC or RDC here does it denotes workflow status? .

Below is the code i have tested to check when my Base Change moves to released my impacted change should also move to release.

            IChange base_change = loadChangeObj(“ECO-000001”);                //Loading the base change
                IChange dependent_change = loadChangeObj(“ECO-000002”); // Loading the dependent change
                if (base_change != null) {
                    ITable my_rel_table = base_change.getTable(ChangeConstants.TABLE_RELATIONSHIPS); //Loading the relationship table
                     Iterator<?> my_iter = my_rel_table.iterator();
                    HashMap rulemap = new HashMap();

                    IStateful state = (IStateful) base_change;
                     IStatus[] statuses = state.getStates();
                     IStatus basechange_status = null;

                    for (int i = 0; i < statuses.length; i++) {
                         if (statuses[i].getName().equals(“Released”)) {
                             basechange_status = statuses[i];   //Getting the desired workflow status of base change

                     state = (IStateful) dependent_change;
                     statuses = state.getStates();
                     IStatus dependent_change_status = null;
                     for (int i = 0; i < statuses.length; i++) {
                         if (statuses[i].getName().equals(“Released”)) {
                             dependent_change_status = statuses[i];  //Getting the desired workflow status of dependent change

                    while (my_iter.hasNext()) {
                       //As rules are set at the row level. So a row must be present in the relationship tab.

                        IRow m_row = (IRow) my_iter.next();
                        rulemap.put(CommonConstants.ATT_RELATIONSHIPS_RULE_CONTROLOBJECT, base_change);   
                         rulemap.put(CommonConstants.ATT_RELATIONSHIPS_RULE_AFFECTEDOBJECT, dependent_change);
                         rulemap.put(CommonConstants.ATT_RELATIONSHIPS_RULE_CONTROLOBJECTSTATUS, basechange_status);
                         rulemap.put(CommonConstants.ATT_RELATIONSHIPS_RULE_AFFECTEDOBJECTSTATUS, dependent_change_status);
                         m_row.setValue(CommonConstants.ATT_RELATIONSHIPS_RULE, rulemap);


Please let me know if it helps.


Arif Agile Angel Answered on March 12, 2018.
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It’s work. Thank you!

chlin2828 Agile User Answered on March 23, 2018.

Glad it helped.


on March 23, 2018.
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