Wrong child revision in BOM

I have a parent item that is at revision D, and a child part that has been updated with the parent consistently (they both rolled from rev A to rev B simultaneously, rev B to C, etc.) Looking at the BOM display for the parent item, I see that the child rev matches the parent rev for revisions C and D, but there’s an error at parent revision B: the child is showing as revision C.

I have confirmed the rev change dates in the Changes tab for both parts. Both parent and child were on a change order on the same date and rolled to rev B together. Why might I be seeing the wrong child revision in this previous revision BOM?

I am running Agile 9.3.5.

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The only possible case which I can think of is that the child part was released earlier with Revision C than the parent part. Which means when parent part was in Rev B, child part was already in Rev C. So it’s showing Rev C for child in parent’s BOM for Rev B. And then again parent was released again in Rev C. So Rev B & Rev C of parent contains child in Rev C.

But if that’s not the case, and both parent & child were released simultaneously with the same ECO with same Rev, then most probably there is some corruption in the db records.

Agile Professional Answered on October 3, 2018.
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It is not sufficient that the parent and child where released on the same day. They have to be on the same change. Or the child has to be released before the parent (check time stamp).

Agile Angel Answered on October 4, 2018.
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