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We are on version 9.3.4 of Agile and we share ECO or Change Order responsibilities. We would like to add more fields to the user’s workflow routing page. Is this possible?

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Please be more specific on what you are attempting to accomplish and why.  I ask because the columns are pretty inclusive for the activities that need to be accomplished (approving/rejecting) so I am very curious.

Agile Angel Answered on April 19, 2019.
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Are you saying that you want to add additional review steps to the workflow? That’s easy enough to accomplish, although be warned that making a change to a workflow will affect all change request/change order classes that use that workflow.

To add a new step (also called a Status) to a workflow, open the menu Workflow Settings -> Workflows in your Java environment. Select the workflow you wish to modify. Select the Status tab. This tab displays all the current statuses for that workflow, the criteria for entering or exiting those statuses, and the settings for emailed reminders for those statuses. Add a new status by selecting the New Status button (the one that looks like a webpage with a little yellow spark or sunburst in the top left corner).

Agile User Answered on April 29, 2019.
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hi there,
no I wanted to add another value to the Workflow routings tab. We decided on an extra page 3 field where MDM will fill out the field to determine who is working which CO. We wanted to put Signoff duration as well, but that isn’t available in the OTS reports so we will develop an OBIE report for the users.
Dashboards worked well for this solution.

Thank you for the responses.

Agile Angel Answered on April 29, 2019.
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