Why SaveAs event not working

Hi, I created a SaveAs event/handler/subsriber…so it is called when we perform a Save As. But can’t get the new attributes. Here is the code, i tried several things that is why there are so much comments/versions..

saveInfo is filled.

subclassId is filled

newNumber is filled

but newObject  is NULL

and also newObj  is remain NULL – when i tried it to get differently

basically I want to get ‘description’ and ‘productLine’ only during the SaveAs.  

public class QualityEscalation extends DAOObject implements IEventAction {
    private static Logger logger = Logger.getLogger(QualityEscalation.class);

    ISaveAsEventInfo saveInfo = null;
    ICreateEventInfo createInfo = null;
    IUpdateEventInfo updateInfo = null;
    IUser currentUser = null;

    public EventActionResult doAction(IAgileSession iAgileSession, INode iNode, IEventInfo iEventInfo) {
        try {
            String newPartNumber = "";
            ISaveAsEventInfo saveInfo = null;
            ICreateEventInfo createInfo = null;
            IUpdateEventInfo updateInfo = null;
            String saveORCreate = "";
            Integer dirtyCellId = null;
            String dirtyCellValue = "";
            HashMap<String, String> valuesMap = new HashMap<String, String>();
            String productLine = "";
            String description = "";
            //IEventDirtyCell dirtyCell = null;

            currentUser = iAgileSession.getCurrentUser();

            if (iEventInfo instanceof ISaveAsEventInfo && saveORCreate.equals("")) {
                saveInfo = (ISaveAsEventInfo) iEventInfo;

                ICell cell = null;

                ISaveAsEventInfo saveAsevent = (ISaveAsEventInfo) iEventInfo;
                Integer subclassId = saveAsevent.getNewSubclassId();
                String newNumber = saveAsevent.getNewNumber();
                IDataObject newObject = (IDataObject) iAgileSession.getObject(subclassId, newNumber);

//                description = saveInfo.getValue(ItemConstants.ATT_TITLE_BLOCK_DESCRIPTION).toString();
                  IItem newObj = (IItem) iAgileSession.getObject(ItemConstants.CLASS_PART, saveInfo.getNewNumber());
                //newPartNumber = newObj.getCell(ItemConstants.ATT_TITLE_BLOCK_NUMBER).getValue().toString();
//                cell = newObj.getCell(ItemConstants.ATT_TITLE_BLOCK_PART_TYPE);
//                newPartNumber = saveInfo.getNewNumber();
//                newPartNumber = newObj.getCell(ItemConstants.ATT_TITLE_BLOCK_NUMBER).getValue().toString();
//                description = newObj.getCell(ItemConstants.ATT_TITLE_BLOCK_DESCRIPTION).getValue().toString();
//                productLine = newObj.getCell(ItemConstants.ATT_TITLE_BLOCK_PRODUCT_LINES).getValue().toString();
//               // description = saveInfo.getCell(ItemConstants.ATT_TITLE_BLOCK_DESCRIPTION).getValue().toString();
//               // productLine = saveInfo.getCell(ItemConstants.ATT_TITLE_BLOCK_PRODUCT_LINES).getValue().toString();
//                saveORCreate = "saveas";
//                //check and set new PN if necessary
//                valuesMap = fillHasMap(newPartNumber, description, productLine);
//                setPartNumber(valuesMap, saveORCreate);
  Thanks, Feri

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If you’re subscriber is set up as a “Pre” event, you cannot fetch the item this way as it doesn’t exist yet.  If you need to be a pre-event, you wuld have to use the dirty cells to fetch the create new attributes.

Otherwise, you should be able to use the method you have with a “post” subscriber.


Agile User Answered on March 23, 2020.

Thanks!! That was the problem!

on March 25, 2020.
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