Which is the Library for com.agile.ws packages?



I am relatively new to Agile PLM Webservices.

In 9.3.5 samples for webservices , could see the code having import statements for packages like com.agile.ws.*.

Can anyone help in knowing which jars are having the com.agile.ws.* packages?

AgileAPI and pxapi jars don’t have these packages.



Agile User Asked on December 31, 2020 in Webservices.

Sorry missed to mention the package names for example:

import com.agile.ws.schema.collaboration.v1.jaxws.AgileChangeStatusRequestType;
import com.agile.ws.schema.collaboration.v1.jaxws.ChangeStatusRequestType;
import com.agile.ws.schema.collaboration.v1.jaxws.ChangeStatusResponseType;
import com.agile.ws.schema.common.v1.jaxws.AgileExceptionListType;
import com.agile.ws.schema.common.v1.jaxws.AgileExceptionType;
import com.agile.ws.schema.common.v1.jaxws.AgileUserUserGroupIdentifierType;
import com.agile.ws.schema.common.v1.jaxws.ResponseStatusCode;
import com.agile.ws.service.collaboration.v1.jaxws.CollaborationPortType;
import com.agile.ws.service.collaboration.v1.jaxws.CollaborationService;

on January 1, 2021.
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those are called stubs, check for those in the path



for some reason I couldn’t upload the screen shot those will be in ws_stubs.jar


-Raj M

Agile User Answered on January 1, 2021.

Thanks Raj for the reply.

on January 3, 2021.
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