Userid migration has disrupted some workflows and workflow reporting

We recently migrated domains, and in the process updated all of our userids. We updated the agileuser table to do this so that we didn’t lose all of the history associated with individual users. In this process though, I have found that one of our workflows became completely inaccessible. If a change was in progress in the app, we got nullpointers when trying to open it. I was able to open the same change in Java client, but when trying to view the workflow details, there was simply a void. Nothing there at all. Viewing the workflow from the workflow configuration tool in Java client returned a blank white window. This was a little used workflow, and so we neglected to test it before making the userid change in production. I have simply recreated the workflow and all of the open changes associated with it.

Another issue that we have recently discovered is that the User Signoff Duration Report is now not returning the expected number of results for a given subclass. I’m suspecting that this may be due to the same issue as above. When running the report, you will get 100 results in the search window for example, but when you run the report it gives you results for like 6 of them.

Is there some other table that we should have updated with the new userid? Has anyone else done a mass update of their userids without incident?

Agile User Asked on February 24, 2021 in IT and Networking.
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Did you update the loginid in agileuser table?  If so, there could be an issue. Reason is Agile generates username (which includes userids) and stores in tables like item_history, signoff, etc. If you don’t let Agile rename it, this could be an issue. I suspect that’s what happening here

I believe you should use migrateUsersToDB instead. That will take care of the rename properly

– Raj

Agile Expert Answered on February 27, 2021.

Thanks for another answer Raj. I conferred with our DB team, and we did use migrateUsersToDB after the fact. I’m going to see if there are any meaningful lines in the log while running the report.

on March 1, 2021.

Please also run averify if you haven’t. I am sure you would see some more errors

on March 2, 2021.
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