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Recently we have in the system (using version 9.3.5) issue of slowness
in the responsiveness of the system. This is mainly reflected in
the transition between objects in the system and running queries.


My suspicion is that there are users who run queries through web services
burden on System function.

I checked already the User Monitor and the User usage report and seen no issues.

In any case, the amount of connections and the duration of the connection are not necessarily
the data that interests me. The important figure is probably the amount of information that the system needs to process.
Suppose they logged in with one user and stayed connected for a few hours (with the help of the program) there should be no problem in terms of the system and I will not get any unusual information in the reports as it is equivalent to a user logging in and going to lunch. In practice even though the connection time was the same, the information they transmit probably loads on the system (the amount of requests / the amount of information in the request) and this is what causes the problem. No time or amount of connections.

Do any of you have an Idea what i should do in order to get the info about the amount of information that the requested by user ?
or any other idea how to solve this issue ?

thank you. !!!

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Troubleshooting slowness is a tricky issue since there are so many factors. Couple of things I can think of

  1. Have you checked OEM metrics to get the top 10 SQLs that are executing a lot and consuming lot of resources? That might help narrowing down the issue
  2. DB servers CPU/Memory usage. We had a recent issue wherein the CPU usage spiked. Turned out it was an automount process which took lot of resources and in turn slowing down Agile

– Raj


Agile Expert Answered 7 days ago.
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thank you for your note.

Regards the  first section how could I check OEM metrics to get the top 10 SQLs that are executing a lot and consuming lot of resources?

could you instruct how to do the test ?


thank you.

Agile User Answered 7 days ago.


Our DBA generates AWS report  to get this info. Please check with your DBA on this

– Raj

6 days ago.

Sorry, AWR report – not AWS

6 days ago.
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