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I’m trying to get a URL PX to work that pulls an html file hosted on the Agile network and returns the html page as either an External Report, DX, or Tools Menu.

This link works in the Java client (extended tools menu):

But this does not work anywhere in the Web Client.  
Is there any way to modify that link so it’ll work for regular users?  What am I missing?

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Hi Matt,

when you use Load File from the JavaClient you can get the files from a path such as c:FileFolder, but it doesn´t work when you use the same feature from WebClient. From WebClient you’ll need to have an url like path instead c:… A ftp address should work.

My best

Agile Angel Answered on August 17, 2018.
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URL PX is a web application that has to be deployed somewhere. It doesn’t have to be a Java based app, but if you plan to log into A9 to retrieve information, it’s easier to create Java web application.

If the web application is running on the same server where your “file” is hosted, then the way to present back the file is for the web app to locate the using absolute path, read the content and send back with valid MIME content type set.

If you are trying to retrieve an attachment tied to an item, you have to write SDK based means to identify the file and retrieve it ( SDK/px let’s you get “stream” to the file). You then have to “send it back” to the user using above method.

Agile Talent Answered on March 27, 2019.
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