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Hi Guys,
Wondering if there is an Out-of-the-box way to subscribe to a Change Object Sign-Off table.
I know you can subscribe to “Status Change” of an ECO but we have users that want to get notified when other users approve at a specific status (IE User1 is holding their approval until User2 approves, but User1 wants an email notification when User2 approves so they don’t have to constantly check the ECO). 

I could do this via PX but wanted to be sure there isn’t a “Subscribe” function I am over-looking.

Thanks in Advance!

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No, there isn’t an OOTB way for what you are asking. You may have to write a custom event for that



Agile Expert Answered on January 4, 2019.

Thanks Raj,
Wasn’t sure if there was a “Available to Subscribe” option for any of the Workflow attributes.

on January 4, 2019.
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