Specify Latest Revision when on ECO or MCO

In a PX we are getting the Manufacturer or Suppliers table but the Revision is not a parameter to specify.  It is returning the Latest Rev not associated with a Change.  This is the rev that is released not the Rev in Preliminary where the change should be made.  How do you specify the Latest Rev even if it with a Change (The rev is in brackets in the list and associated with the Change)?  Why is it behaving this way?

Additional info:  when searching for a Part the search only returns the latest released Rev in the search and then you can manually look at other revisions.  In the PX there is not way to get to these other revisions  e.g. the latest Preliminary revision.  If you are making changes in a PX these are going to be against the latest preliminary rev not the one in Production.  How do you specify the revision (tables) that you want to update as the ones associate with the Rev at preliminary.  Another way of looking at this is asking the Search to return the latest rev not the latest released rev.

on August 28, 2019.
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Hi Stortip,

Please find the below details.


  1. If you are fetching the Item by Iterating the Affected Items Table of a Change, use getReferentIterator() to Iterate the Change Affected Items Table. This would give you the Item with the rev specific to the Change
  2. If you want to load any rev, use item.setRevision(IChange) or  item.setRevision(Change Number). You can get the Revision/Change Details in two ways

a. item.getRevisions()

b. Can get the Information from Change History Tab.

Please refer to SDK  and API Documentation for more  information .

Let me know if you still face any issues in getting the data.


Thank You,


Agile Talent Answered on September 11, 2019.
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