Show new revision on ECO redlines

If I’m adding a new item in an ECO process and I’m adding this exact item to a bom in the same ECO. Is it possible to show in the BOM redlines the new version of this other new item 

the reason for that is that we cannot create 2 ECO’s one to create the new item and the second one to attach this new item to the BOM. we must maintain these 2 actions in one ECO 

Current situation is that the ECO redlines present only released revisions so we cannot see the future new revisions for the new items

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You are good to go. Yes, put the child item on the Affected Items of the same ECO and set the revision. You can also add it to the redlines of the assembly, also on that same ECO. Don’t worry about the rev you see in the redlines. That is just the current revision of the item, if released. Not what it will be set to. Try it.

Agile Angel Answered on July 4, 2018.

Thanks for the answer – I already know that the version that will be released is the one I set in the affected item –  the problem is with what we see 
the subcontractor that sees the redlines see wrong version. 
Is there a way to present in the redline also the future version that will be released in the ECO? 


on July 8, 2018.
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