Securing File attachments on ECO

We are Agile 9.3.4 and we have a need to have privileges for certain attachments when they are on an ECO. For example Chevy documents when viewed by a Ford user can’t see the attachment on the ECO.

The Ford user can’t see the Chevy items, but looking for a way to block the Ford user from seeing Chevy attachments on a ECO. The ECO would have a mix of item types.

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– For ECOs with affected item as Chevy 
– Restrict ECO attachment access to users only listed under User Group – Chevy Restricted Access

Agile Angel Answered on December 27, 2018.
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Hi Michael,

What I can think of, is that one of the way to segregate the attachment files based on the affected item type, is to create two different subclass of FileFolder class: one for Chevy another for Ford. And when users will upload a file, they will select from the dropdown of the file upload dialog box, to which kind of FileFolder they wanna upload the file. Based on the FileFolder number (different autonumber for each subclass), you can create a criterion and use it in a Read privilege mask to give the access to intended audience.


Agile Professional Answered on December 28, 2018.
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Hi there,

I like this solution. Thank you


Agile Angel Answered on December 28, 2018.
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