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Hello all,

I have this task is to migrate Agile Advantage 2005 content into our Oracle Agile PLM solution. Can anyone provide/ direct me to sample codes of Agile Advantage 2005? I have downloaded the necessary guides, but looking for sample code to start with.

Thanks in advance

Agile User Asked on January 10, 2020 in Agile PLM (v9).
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Sample code to do what (and for what)?? You could write an SDK application to extract data from Agile Advantage and then use either SDK or Import to migrate it into the Agile PLM 9.3.x environment. But the documentation for Agile Advantage would be found on the Oracle documentation website, if anywhere (the software is over 10 years old). So far as I know, there is no code/SQL to extract data or load data available (heck, there is no documentation on the database schema).

Note that data extraction would be fairly easy using either ChangeCAST or an SDK app, but loading the data (using either Import or an SDK app) would not be easy. Since you are going through the Agile Application Server, you cannot set the create or release dates for a change, as they are always set by the Application Server. You can modify date values in the database using SQL, but you better know what you are doing or it won’t be correct. Also, are you planning on doing the data migration  in one shot, or a few parts/assemblies/changes at a time??

If you need to do it in 1 shot, the best method would be to extract the data from the Agile Advantage database into Oracle tables and then use DataLoad to migrate the data into  the Agile PLM 9.3.x database. Since DataLoad does not go through the Application Server, it directly sets the dates and status values in the database so they will be as they should be. I can extract the data and also use DataLoad to do this. In addition, I can migrate object history, and either load it into the history tables or attach it as a file to the objects. Contact me at if you wish to discuss further.

Agile Angel Answered on January 10, 2020.

Thanks for that elaborate response Kevin. Primarily, I was looking for any code example to start building the SDK app, for ex., how  session established and used in Agile Adv, etc.,

Anyway, thanks again, we’re just getting the dev plan and timelines fixed. Will contact for sure for further help needed.

on January 11, 2020.
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