Revision History migration from Agile PLM to Windchill

Hello All,

We are planning to migrate Revision History from Agile PLM to WindChill.
The plan is to create PDFs out of each revision and link it to the Windchill Item Object.
I feel this approach so strange and not yet researched on the consequences, when I generated the PDF for each revision the size  is 10 KB. 

Do you have any idea on this. What would be the best approach of migrating Revision History to Windchill.

Highly appreciate your answers and suggestions.

Note: Latest Revision migration approach is extracting it from Agile DB.
So far it is going good.


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Loading the history via PDF is easier / faster than loading the meta data as there are fewer moving parts in the overall operation.  In general, the level of complexity increases down the list of data load methods:

  1. Latest item and BOM only
  2. Latest item and BOM with latest change
  3. Latest item and BOM with latest change and PDF history
  4. All item revs with changes and latest BOM
  5. All item and BOM revs with change

When pulling from the database, be certain to consider odd cases, such as canceled changes, open changes, ECRs, Deviations, and Stop Ships, Site Change Orders, etc.

Agile Angel Answered on December 11, 2018.
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