GetOldValue for a Redline BOM item column

I am using Agile web services v 9.3.5.  I am able to retrieve the redline BOM items for an affected item on an ECO.  I can also get which items were added, modified, and removed using another call – TableService – IsFlagSet.  Does anyone know how to retrieve the old value of what each column was?  For example, if the Find Num changed from 1 to 2, I am able to see that the row was modified and can see the new value 2, but need to retrieve the old value 1.  Since I am not using the API, but using web services the row doesn’t have a cell or getOldValue property.  Please let me know if you have any ideas.  Also, if there is an easier, faster way to retrieve this info through the services please let me know.  I am just trying to get the redline BOM changes for each affected item on an ECO (old and new values).  Thanks!

Snippets of current code in attachment.

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