Is there any way to call ootb report from an external web app?

We have a requirement where the users want an external web app, connected to dB which fetches the where used report.

Any idea how the reports are stored in the DB?

May be if we can find them in DB, we can reuse them.





Agile User Asked on July 12, 2019 in Product Collaboration.
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Hi KE,

The OOTB reports can’t be called using Web-Apps. Over the period of last few years i have seen similar demands from PLM user base.

As Karthik said, the way to go about that is formatting sql query for the reports like Where-Used and BOM-Explosions etc. for single or multiple input. On how to format these reports you can follow the following threads

Also, i would suggest you to write a stored procedure to utilize these report outputs as per your needs.



Agile Angel Answered on July 16, 2019.

Thank you Arif

on August 13, 2019.
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Hi KE,

One possible way to handle the request is by building SQL Query to fetch the Nth Level where used data ,format it and generate the Report in the required format.




Agile Talent Answered on July 15, 2019.
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Not an ootb report.

Agile Angel Answered on July 16, 2019.
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Starting in 936, SDK provides IProductReport which has support for BOM Comparison and BOM Explosion. For others, SQL would be the way to go

– Raj

Agile Expert Answered on July 16, 2019.

Yes Raj.

IProductReport  exists in previous versions as well.




on July 17, 2019.

Ah ok. It wasn’t there in 932 and available when we moved to 936. So, wasn’t sure when it was introduced

on July 19, 2019.
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We decided to go with a stored procedure. Thank you everyone for the help.

Agile User Answered on August 13, 2019.
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