Red dot Deviation

Once I use Deviation on a PN it adds a Red dot (square) in the pending change column, and it doesn’t disappear after the deviation process was closed.

What is the reason?

How can i fix it?

Agile User Asked 2 days ago in Agile PLM (v9).
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That is there by design to flag an open / active deviation against the item. The “fix” is to complete the deviation.

Agile Angel Answered 2 days ago.

The Deviation is already in status ‘close’ but the red dot still appears

2 days ago.

What is the “Status Type” of your “Close” status?  I believe the Red Square is there if the part number is on a deviation that is at a “Released” status.  You need to move the the “Complete” status.  Deviation Status types are:

  • StatusType.Pending
  • StatusType.Submit
  • StatusType.Review
  • StatusType.Released
  • StatusType.Complete
  • StatusType.Cancel
  • Hold

Red Square is there if deviation is in release-type, and goes away when it gets to complete-type

23 mins ago.
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