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Using Oracle Agile Configuration Propagation with Agile 9.3 we needs to propagate some reports between two environments as done for other kind of objects.
Setting configuration as described in the manual






4.11.4 Global Reports and Standard Reports




You can use ACP to propagate all global and standard reports from one system to another.







Only General Info, Layout and Schedule tab information are supported for propagation. Historical Report tab is transactional data and is not supported. On Administrative Reports, only General Info is supported. Personal Reports and folders under Personal Reports are not supported.











The short hand notation used in config.xml is <reports/>. The reports configuration type supports further refining using <Include>, <exclude> and type filtering. Folder names are used as filter criteria in type filtering. Any level folder names are valid for type filtering.




ACP creates folder structures in the target automatically, if they are not already available, to support the organization of reports and to make the target look like the source. For example, if the folder name specified is two levels deep under global reports, while propagating to the target, the same two-level deep folder organization is created in the target and then reports are placed inside it.




The following are examples of how to propagate reports.




Example: To propagate all reports that have “BOM” somewhere in the name, except the “Manufacturer BOM Report”:




<pattern>.* BOM .*</pattern> 






My configuration is






and I have some reports named e.g “Report MyClass Field1” under Global Reports/MyFolder


The Reports objects are not found during copy with error:


======== E R R O R (Begin) ========


Process Context:
Propagation Action: Copy
Configuration Type: Report


Error Context:
Unable to copy the Report configuration type.


Error Cause:
The following include patterns had no matches for the “Report” configuration type:


* [Specialization Type=All: .*MyClass.*]


======== E R R O R (End) ========


This error occurs also for every pattern used (also copy all) and also for all Global Searches


Does someone find the same issue?




Thanks all

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To start  with ACP has bugs and this is one of the bugs that I experienced too. That is, was not able to import most of the Reports (although the folder structure got created).

In my experience I was able to export the configurations using the wildcard but it errored out (was not able to find the pattern) while importing using the wildcard unless specifying actual objects.

I had to refer to the export.log to see the names of each subclass that got exported using the wildcard to make the import process possible.

Agile Angel Answered on May 7, 2015.
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Thanks for the answer

problem is on the export process and not in the import.
Is like ACP Cannot find the report in the origin environment.
I have tried also without wildcard but with full path or with just the report/search name.


Agile Angel Answered on May 7, 2015.
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