Periodic Review (compliance requirement) for Document Management in Agile PLM?

how has other users solved the periodic review (compliance requirement) for Document Management in Agile PLM?

Agile User Asked on August 7, 2020 in Agile PLM (v9).
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We have fields called Training Required,Periodic Review Date and Document Owner (department) on page two of Documents.

We had a PX written that fills in that PRD on release of new Training document or change of existing training document with a date of todays date + 2 years.   (Prior to that the Change analyst would fill it in – that was hit or miss so we had the PX done. If it was a document released previously she wouldn’t get prompted since it was already filled in so the PX takes care of that by always updating it on any change order to the training document)

The change analyst has a saved search in her dashboard that shows any docs with a PRD in the next 2 months.

When a PRD doc comes due for review, she sends the document owner an email to review the document and she processes an MCO to record the review has taken place if minor or no changes.

If major changes to the doc are required they do an eco to roll the rev and update the document .




Agile User Answered on August 11, 2020.

This is exactly what we do as well.  Except for “Training Required” is specified on the ECO as some releases of documents may not warrant training (i.e typos, formatting, etc). But same process.  ECO to update the attachment if the 2-year review finds it needs to be updated.  Or do an MCO to update the change-controlled “Review Date” (extend for 2 more years) if the review determines the procedure does not need to be updated.

“Document Owner” for us is a list of job functions. We have a functional team that gets mapped to specific users for these types of reviews.  Custom/Scheduled report will send notification(s) to these users if they have a procedure that is up for review (i.e “Review Date” is coming up)

Neat to hear others using the same processes

on August 17, 2020.
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