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Hello all,

I am trying to Import a BOM from Arena Solution to Agile PLM 9.3.3 using PDX, however,  I am having a difficult time uploading the files. I am not sure if I have the mapping incorrectly or if is something else. The Agile PLM documentation says that the Filename and File Identifier are required. I am able to find the Filename in the Arena Solutions xml however, not too sure about the File Identifier (i have tried multiple combinations). Here is the error I get: 

 Instrument – Number: 600-00338-0001; Attachments: File Name: 600-00338-0001 FRONT BEZEL ASSEMBLY FM1 REV01; File Identifier: 600-00338-0001 FRONT BEZEL ASSEMBLY FM1 REV01.pdf]: The following warnings were encountered when processing the attachment table – can not extract the physical content for attachment ‘600-00338-0001 FRONT BEZEL ASSEMBLY FM1 REV01.pdf.600-00338-0001 FRONT BEZEL ASSEMBLY FM1 REV01’ from the PDX or aXML package for Instrument ‘600-00338-0001’. Some possible causes are 1) The attachment is not inside the PDX or aXML package, 2) The attachment inside the PDX or aXML package was found but is corrupt null

Also added a pic of the UI mapping just in case.

Questions, have any of you ran into this issue or something similar?

Thank you

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I am not 100% certain how PDX handles attachments within the file itself. For aXML, the file is at  the root level of the zip file and it is referenced by name.
 But you have the “file name” without the file extension. I would use the full file name in both places, and then have the file itselfv located inside the PDX file. That way Import will see it there, and hopefully be able to process it.
 I normally always use FileLoad to process attachments, it is more straightforward. Unless the PDX or aXML file you are importing was produced by Agile, I would use FileLoad instead. It is just easier to use.

Agile Angel Answered on October 3, 2018.
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Hi Kevin,

In PDX export, the attachment files are similary kept like aXML package, in the root level folder.

Hi David,

I just now tried to export a Part only with its attachment files as the filter setting to a PDX package & then imported it to another Agile system with import option of Default Mapping. I got no error and both the part & its attachment file got imported in the other system perfectly.

I will suggest you to try once with default mapping if possible and if you’ve already not tried that instead of defining the mapping. Also, please make sure when you export, you select the option of Attachment Files sub check box along with the attachments tab in the export filter.

Agile Professional Answered on October 3, 2018.

Hey there Swagoto,

I am also able to export a PDX file from Agile and imported again without any issues. The problem is when the PDX is generated from Arena Solutions (another PLM) seems that I am not able to find out the correct mapping.

I opened a ticket with Oracle Support but I am not sure they will help. I will post an update if they do.


on October 10, 2018.
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