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I am trying to send notification to Restricted user with dynamic content.Sender should not go to Notifications Node and modify the content(Subject,Body) in Notifications tab.If the content is obtained from user, can we set the same content in custom notification(using sdk). Or is there any other alternate way.

Agile Talent Asked on February 8, 2016 in Agile PLM (v9),   Product Collaboration.
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It is possible just to dynamically set the TO user which will receive the email.
You can create a custom notification as below:

Notification Tyoe: Email and Inbox
Subject: MySubject [Cover Page.Number]
Body: MyBody for [Cover Page.Number]

and in your code send it as below:

boolean priority = true;
session.sendNotification(iChange, "MyCustomNotification", Arrays.asList(new IUser[]{iuser1,iuser2}), priority, "My Comment");

The My Comment information will be available only in the history of the object iChange but the $Notify is dynamically populated with the two iUsers

Agile Angel Answered on February 8, 2016.

The Subject,Body also need to be set.

on February 8, 2016.
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