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Has #ORACLE recognized the MyAgilePLM crowd support community as a go-to for customers seeking information?  Can #ORACLE publish an article naming MyAgilePLM as a top support community for ALL users?  Support used to be so easy back in the AgileSoft days.  I even recall I had a rep that I would talk too quite frequently and even had the opportunity to have lunch with back in the Santa Theresa location days.  With tech support becoming so difficult to navigate this community has provided a great go-to for quick questions that many of us have faced in the past.  Please spread the word.

Everyone please add your two cents.

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Good point!
my two cents 🙂 
Sometime I prefer to work with community blogs/forum/wiki than use the commercial ones. This is because they are more populated than commercial ones and the topics/discussions can be related specific to the problem that someone is facing in a particular period.
Regarding MyAgilePLM, I see that there are a couple of issues to be fixed with the application in general to be perfect but it is the first place where I look in case of an issue. Then I will look to OTN. THis is my approach and I think that it is the most used one, because of indexed in google. So it is very easy to find a solution/answer  related to a particular issue/question.

For me is ok to be adopted by Oracle as well, but has to remain “free” and available to be reached over Google. This is also an opportunity for the community to grow and make it a very detailed and fully documented place to find answers in the Oracle Agile world 🙂


Agile Angel Answered on February 21, 2017.

Agreed Tony…. has to remain FREE!  Thank you.

on February 21, 2017.
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2 cents??  Having worked at Agile for 7 years, and then at Oracle for 5 more, can I give a dime’s worth??

 Although I doubt Oracle would ever “acknowledge” MyAgilePLM, I am also certain that they know it is here. No idea on how one would approach them to discuss having Oracle publish an article about what this site is and how it can help people. Or if they would even be open to doing something like that. Believe me, things changed after Oracle bought Agile Software. Agile was a one-stop shop for everything, whereas Oracle doesn’t necessarily want to do implementations or consulting, just sell the software. I would prefer this website stay out of the clutches of Oracle.

 That said, I suspect that this site will gain recognition more by word of mouth from folks who use it than by anything that Oracle can/would do. I have recommended to a client that they come here, and I know others who have also recommended such. Given that neither Agile nor Oracle has ever published anything about the database schema, and that the installation documentation assumes that things will always go correctly, a site like this is invaluable. But just as important is making it accessible and easy to use, and I think that it has done so quite well (although it does occasionally scramble attached files).

 Note that I am also on the WRAU (Western Regional Agile Users) email list, which has been around since forever ( I first heard about it in 2003?). But I prefer this website, both for ease of use and much more accessible content.


Agile Angel Answered on February 21, 2017.

Yeah Kevin, unfortunately I have lost my username and password for Yahoo groups over the years and have fallen away from WRAU so this is my go-to site.  Can you check with the WRAU admins and see if they are aware of this site?

on February 21, 2017.

Yes, WRAU is very annoying sometime and not useful to find information if you don’t follow it daily.
I noticed that some questions are being put here and in WRAU at the same time. This means that even between WRAU users this site is known

on February 21, 2017.
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