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With such a great forum for Oracle Agile specific information I would like to see this forum branch out into other PLM platforms such as Dessault Enovia, PTC Windchill, Arena Solutions, etc…
What does everyone think?  Should this strategy be considered?

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I personally think that this forum being very specific to Agile PLM questions/solutions is what makes it great.  

IF MyAgilePLM were to open up to other PLM applications – I would hope that they would be clearly separated into different areas on the website rather than being lumped together in the same spot (see Oracle Support).  The more complicated it gets to find what you are actually looking for – the less likely people are to use it.  This is especially the case for the slightly less tech-savvy users that are just trying to find quick assistance, I would think.

Obviously just my opinion, but I even start to cringe a bit when I see things like job postings here that make me worry that this is going to slowly start turning the way of other forums that are no longer very useful for getting quick collaborative assistance.

Agile Angel Answered on October 18, 2017.
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I agree with what Danny mentioned. . As per me the platform’s USP is “All things Agile PLM”, you get 99.99% relevant stuff. So whenever i enter an issue keyword, i am assured i will get helpful stuff and it will be worth my time here. Perhaps one of the reason i browse info here before going to Oracle knowledge base. 
Expanding is not a bad option provided this current uniqueness is maintained.

Agile Angel Answered on October 20, 2017.
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If forum support all types of plm applications this forum will extremely useful to plm users/customers..etc.
Sometimes customers will move/change from one plm to another plm then users/employees will get support easily from this forum.
User(s) can learn and share other plm’s knowledge as well.

If we go with support all plm’s, following are my idea(s)/opinion(s)

1. We should rename the forum name (like and url.
2. We should add another home page and it should re-direct to individual plm page based on plm selection, After selection it should re-direct to specific plm page.
3. We should maintain each PLM registered users separately (by doing this uniqueness is maintained),  if user posted one question it will notify to specific plm registered user(s) only.


Agile Angel Answered on January 3, 2018.
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Good idea, other PLM  will provide more indept insight. Compared to Agile PLM.

By far, Agile PLM strategy does not address in areas of systems engineering. Design centric initiative will provide insights and address gaps in agile plm.

Agile Angel Answered on January 4, 2018.
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By the way everyone… this site is run on a show string budget by dedicated professionals (not me) and I implore you all to help come up with sponsorship ideas for the Admins to consider.  A great example being that most members on this site are either from consulting firms or directly linked to decision makers in the companies in which they work…. may be a good combination for consulting firm advertisement…. no commitments just an example.

Agile Angel Answered on January 4, 2018.
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