Is there a way to input customer part number into a Homogeneous declaration other then being an item number?

I have a case where we want to create the BOM for a homogeneous material declaration but some of the part numbers are not in our system.  Is there away to have a column  for customer defined part numbers that are not managed by Agile?

Example would be for a label.  We have a part number in Agile for the label but not the paper, ink, and adhesive.  We need to be able to capture the paper ink and adhesive information but there are no part numbers (item number) we can use.


Thanks for your help!

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Use manufacturer part numbers, under the name of the supplier. Manufacturer parts can be linked to material declarations, so I think that should solve your problem. And then link those to the item number for which they are used.

Agile Angel Answered on June 30, 2019.

Thanks.  I will take that back to the team.

on July 1, 2019.
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