I have problems with a BOM Load / Parent-child load


I´m trying to make a load with adding 3 different documents to a lot of different parts.

Is that a BOM load or a Parent/child load?

If it is a BOM load, I can´t do the mapping. And if it is a Parent/child load, it says that there are missing some columns in my loadsheet. I have tried to make the loadsheet as a level template. Is that Wrong?

Can anyone help me? Or direct me to where I can read something about it?

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I assume that you are using Import. It is a BOM load if you want the documents to appear in the BOM tab of the part. It is not if you want the documents to appear in the Relationships tab, for example.

Do you have permission to use Import?? That you cannot do the mapping makes me think that is the case.

Probably your biggest problem (even with privileges) is that Import will want to link each line for a part to a revision/change of that part that is pending.

 Find the Import/Export Guide for the version of Agile you are running. It explains everything you should need to know about using the Import utility.

Agile Angel Answered on July 5, 2019.


I have Import rights, because, I have done a lot of attribute  or item loads previously.

But this load is not a one to one. I have 3 different documents, which should be placed on a lot of different Parts BOMs.

I would love if you could help me more.

But thanks for you answer, I will try to look for the Import Guide.

BR, Janne

on August 6, 2019.
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