How to allow Supplier users to view “Originator”, “Coordinator” and Page 3 “user list”?


We have supplier users login into Agile PLM request with specific user/group roles configured which allow them to view/read/modify the necessary information only.

All seems to work well with different attribute types, except for “User” related.  As supplier user, I am not able to read and view Originator, Coordinator and  another added Page 3-user attribute.

We do not want supplier users to view all our internal user/employee details.

What I have tried, and still not working :-

  1. Create User criteria A with “internal users” included into Supplier GroupA Role.
  2. Add privilege Discover User with criteria from no.1 (User criteria A) into Supplier GroupA Role
  3. Add privilege Read with all the attributes in Supplier GroupA Role.

When I relogin as Supplier user, I still not able to see the attribute and names in the coverpage.

Please help? Many thanks.


Agile User Asked on October 3, 2019 in Product Collaboration.
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You mentioned that the supplier user has the “Discover Users” privilege, but do they have any sort of “Read User” privilege? Perhaps they need need by given the ability to Read User’s Name and ID attributes

Agile User Answered on October 4, 2019.
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